Mercedes-Benz (W221L) AMG FULL
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2010
Mercedes-Benz (W221L) AMG
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Mercedes-Benz (W221L) AMG

599UAH/H. 150$/24H

30days or more 150$/day
From 15 to 30 days 160$/day
From 4 to 14 days 180$/day
From 1 to 3 days 199$/day

Release date: 2008
Body colour: black
Engine: 5,5L
Transmission: automatic
Fuel consumption: 16L
Body type: sedan
Complete set: Maximum
Body color: black
Salon: white, black leather

Add. options: leather interior, cruise control, climate control, power accessories

More: Renting a car Mercedes-Benz (W221) with a driver in this configuration is optimized for people who do not need to pay extra money for an optional part of the car that they do not use during the rental process, such as distronic, panoramic car roof, additional TVs etc. This car is presented in the AMG package, has a very attractive and solid appearance, with a luxurious interior in Cappuccino color, TV, DVD, sun curtain, mini fridge, adjustable seats, with ventilation and heating.

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