Mercedes-Benz (W221L) AMG
Mercedes-Benz S 500 W222
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199 UAH / hour with a driver. 45 $ / day for rent

30 days and more 45$/day
From 15 to 30days 60$/day
From 4 to 14 days 70$/ day
From 1 to 3 days 80$/day

Release date:2008
Engine: 2.4L
Transmission: automatic
Average fuel consumption: 10L
Add. options: leather interior, cruise control, climate control, power accessories
Body type: sedan
Complete set: maximum
Body color: black
Interior: light leather
199uah/h 45$/24h


Toyota Camry is a symbol of our time. A car that has become the epitome of Japanese quality, status and prestige for a reasonable price. A business-class bestseller and should be like that, not otherwise. The soft suspension makes the ride extremely pleasant, especially on the spacious rear seats. Who doesn’t know Camry? Perhaps there are not many of them. Many people have a soft spot for Toyota. And for good reason – otherwise how to explain the global popularity of the brand, which competitors are squeezing, squeezing, but cannot move in any way. Sometimes a short communication with the car is enough to make a complete and clear impression of it. Camry is one of those cars that you can fall in love with at first sight, finally and irrevocably. This Toyota Camry body is presented for you in a complete set!

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